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7+2 Link Building Tips – if nothing else read #9

Building links is still worth the effort. They still have a ton of power. However, link building needs to be approached a lot smarter than only a short while ago. That is if you don’t want to dig your own SEO grave.

I ran across a list of 7 link building mistakes to avoid collected in an article by Brörn Tantau on T3N magazine. And even though I believe that Björn really captures the essence of solid link building I also think that two core thoughts (not mistakes) need to be added. Read More…

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Looking back

I want to share a very simple routine with you that helps me regain focus and build momentum and that I’m excited about. I hope it’ll work the same way for you.

Here it goes:

I do all the planning and structuring needed to get more done and work more efficiently. However, quite often, at the end of a long day, a busy week or a month, I feel empty. Very empty. As if I haven’t accomplished anything meaningful.

More by accident really then by intention, I created a list of tasks completed during the week. As I kept adding to the list and saw it grow it felt great. Read More…

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How to find iPhoto images in Finder

UPDATE: this post refers to the current software versions – OS X Version 10.9 and iPhoto ’11 Version 9.5 (902.7). It has been updated as of 11/09/2013.

Your article is finished, it’s proofread, you read it aloud multiple times and save it as a draft in WordPress. Now all it needs is the perfect illustration. You have the perfect image in Mac’s iPhoto. But where the hack does a Mac store the original image file?

Sometimes these trivia can cause your productivity to stall. This is what happened to me last weekend when working on an article. Read More…