Jul 292014 3 Responses

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Case Study

I wanted to find out how to create a super successful campaign on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms. So set out to create this series of case studies picking the brains of the likes of Ali Zahid, Chez Brungraber, Scott Hussa and many more. There is no better way than learning from people who’ve already been successful at what you are trying to accomplish.

This case study and the results derived from it are of great personal interest to me as I’ll be Kickstarting myself soon. Read More…

Feb 192013 107 Responses

How to find your iPhoto Library and iPhotos in Finder

UPDATE: This post refers to the current software versions – OS X Version 10.9 and iPhoto ’11 Version 9.5 (902.7). It has been updated as of 11/09/2013.

Ever been looking for the iPhoto library location on your Mac’s disc? I have spend more time searching for my iPhotos than I’d like to. My posts are complete and edited, the email ready to be sent out but where does Apple store the original iPhoto files that I wanted to include, where do you find the iPhoto Library? Read More…